Versus Dei (EN)

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  • Age
  • 14+
  • Duree
  • 10-40 min
  • Joueur
  • 2-12
  • Intensité
  • 2/5

(english edition)

On the legendary island of Dei, advanced technologies have allowed the creation of an artificial paradise.
Through genetic engineering, Humans have reached immortality.
Now self-proclaimed deities, they manipulate Nature to provide for their needs, and entertainment.
Here, Versus is the national sport. Inspired by gladiatorial combat, the Versus Games are held in the Arena.

The fighters are named Aeons. They are powerful bio-synthetic creatures, conceived with the sole purpose of killing.

In this card game of strategy, players take one the role of Humans, capable of summoning Aeons in the Arena. To win the game, you must eliminate all of your opponent's cards.

Relying on Luck is the key to... defeat. In Versus, the most creative players prevail.

All cards are unique, balanced, independent, and versatile. If you consistently find better synergies than your opponent, you'll win.

Versus is easy to learn (10min), and quick to get started (1min). No deck building needed. Baffling simplicity, frightening depth.
Adjust the game duration (from 10 to 40min), and the level of complexity. Make it chill, or epic.

Play 1v1, or up to 6v6. Yes, you can form 2 teams of up to 6 players each, everyone playing on the same board !

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